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The white stork is one of the most spectacular birds of Transylvanian villages. However, data on their distribution and ecology was scarce until recently. Traditionally it is associated with good luck and fertility. Sometimes though it may cause nuisance for people, especially if the nest is above a gate. In order to keep the nest tidy and to scare predators, young storks defecate out of the nest, so you can get easily "limed".

A funny saying in Hungarian is "Kóvályog mint a gólyafos a levegőbe'" literally someone is hanging around like the stork's defecation in the air, meaning without purpose.

From 1996 I joined a stork census program initiated and coordinated by Ferenc Kósa, and made a census in South Eastern Transylvania which revealed differences in the population dynamics of the stork between different landscapes related to agriculture. I continue the monitoring of stork nests in the Csík basin.

Feeding at the nest

Directly from the source

On top of a giant nest