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The Csík basin is one of the three large tectonic mountain basins of South East Transylvania. It is home to the highest density of fens in Romania and a high density of mountain peat bogs, which host plants that are considered relics of the cold climate vegetation of the last glaciation, often called glacial relics.

Mural drawing on the wall of a church in Csík
Actually, the basin probably got its name from the weatherfish Misgurnus fossilis. Just a century ago this fish was part of the traditional menu in some of the villages. The floodplain of the Olt river gave the richest crop of hay, but the area was so wet, that people carried out the hay only in the winter on the ice.

Unfortunately, the river regulation works 30 years ago destroyed much of the wetlands. In recent years though we discovered sets of ponds that seem to be less affected, and have a special flora and fauna.

View on floodplain meadows and volcanic mountains


meaning Woodland - is an other mountain basin of the Eastern Carpathians, a particularly rich natural and cultural landscape.  I was born here and in recent years I came again in closer contact with it through nature guiding.

View on Woodland